A Fiscal History of Iran in the Safavid and Qajar Periods: 1500-1925 By
 Willem Floor
Publisher Bibliotheca Pub Date 1998 Pub Location None Isbn 9780933273290 Course(s)


It is a refrence book which has been organized into 10 chapters. It has a wealth of unique data about the political economy, financial and agricultural history, social and administrative structure and taxation system of Iran during a 425 year period (1500-1925). Important characteristics of this valuable work include: comprehensive and hcientific method, vast and precies research, quoting over 350 sources in Persian, Arabic, English. Dutch, Germany, French and Russian. The book has also quoted documents from the archives of the Neterlands and Britain. Another important feature of this valuable work is a 28 pages glossary which includes most of the economic and financial terms of that era.