The World Award for Book of the Year of the I.R.I

In spite of the fact that the new mass media have always portrayed a rapid proliferation of products and services, books are still the most authentic and praiseworthy tools for transferring and preserving cultural values. Books are worthy of being considered as the most brilliant symbol of cultural dynamism. Hence, the venerable status of pen and the sublime rank of writing are to be glorified not merely by authorities but through public witnesses throughout the world.
Laying stress on the inestimable blend of Islamic and Iranian cultures, the Islamic Republic of Iran feels obliged to uphold the lofty realm of pen, and to support men of thought.To fulfill this end, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has inaugurated "The Award for Book of the Year" in 1983, and "The World Award for Book of the Year of the I.R.I" in 1993, aiming at selecting and introducing worthwhile international books, and honoring their authors, editors, and translators for elevating the general knowledge and culture, and developing public scholarship/readership with the Islamic and Iranian written heritage.
Every year, accordingly, books published in various languages by foreign publishers within the previous year, are evaluated, and the President's Commemoration Plaque along with valuable prizes will be awarded to the selected books.
Subject areas are limited to Iranian and Islamic studies within which there are several sub-areas as follows:

a)Islamic Studies:Islam in general, Islamic teachings, Islamic history, Prophet of Islam (i.e. Prophet Muhammad SA), `Ilm al-Rijāl‎ (i.e. biographical evaluation), Islamic ethics, Hadith (i.e. Islamic tradition), Islamic texts translation, Quranic studies and commentary, Islamic jurisprudence and law, Kalām (i.e. Islamic theology), Islamic philosophy and Sufism, history of science in Islam, Islamic culture and civilization, Islamic economics, Islamic art and architecture, contemporary Islamic studies (esp. politico-sociological aspects), etc.

b)Iranian Studies:Iran in general, Persian language and linguistics, anthropology, history of science in Iran, Persian literature, Iranian history, Iranian art and architecture, history and civilization of ancient Persia, translation of Iranian thinkers’ works, contemporary Iranian studies, etc.