Date: 2/12/2024 10:18:20 AM   News ID: 2060
The winners of The 31St I.R. Iran’s World Book Award were announced

The winners of The 31St I.R. Iran’s World Book Award were announced

The closing ceremony of the 60th World Book Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran was held and the winners of the best works were announced

The 31St I.R. Iran’s World Book Award


This year, after the primary selection of more than 1600 books in different fields of Islamic and Iranian Studies, 267 books were assessed by 73 jurors. And finally, among the 24 books entered the final stage, in consultation with the science Committee, 6 books were introduced as the selected books of this round.

In the field of Islamic Studies, the evaluated books include the following subfields: Islamic Sciences & Knowledge, History of Science, Islamic Economics, Science of Discourse, Ethics, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence & Law, Sufism & Islamic Mysticism, History of Islam & Islamic Civilization, Islamic Philosophy, Shiite Studies, Contemporary Islam, Psychology & Islamic Educational Sciences.

In the field of Iranian Studies, the evaluated books include the following subfields: History & Geography of Greater Iran, History, Civilization & Languages of Ancient Iran, Iranian Art& Architecture, Persian Language & Literature, Political Science & Communications, Language & Linguistics, and Translation of books of Iranian Intellectuals.

The evaluated books of this round have been written in German, Armenian, Urdu, Uzbek, Spanish, Indonesian, English, Italian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Bosnian, Tajik, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, Georgian and Indian, and the winners were from Iran, Ireland, Russia, Germany, Bangladesh, Tunisia and Slovenia.


Selected books


Islamic Studies


  • Islamic philosophy

Sculpting the Self: Islam, Selfhood, and Human Flourishing, by Muhammad Umar Faruque, University of Michigan Press, 2021.


  • History of Islam

Hosseini's Epic in the Collective Memory, by Mohammad Al-Sadegh Boualaq, Noghosh al-Arabiya, 2022.


  • Islamic Economy


 The Making of Islamic Economic Thought, by Sami Al-Daghistani, Cambridge University Press, 2021.


Iranian Studies

  •  Persian Literature

Persian language and literature in Dagestan (Cultural and Historical Context), by Patimat Alibekova, Scientific Editor: Mohammadova, Sadra and Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2022.

  • History of Iran

Ancient Arms Race: Antiquity's Largest Fortresses and Sasanian Military Networks of Northern Iran, by Eberhard Sauer, Jebrael Nokandeh, & Hamid Omrani Rekavandi, Oxbow, 2022.

  • Iranian Arts

Studies in Persian Architecture, by Bernard O’Kane, University of Edinburgh, 2021.