Date: 6/12/2022 9:48:56 AM   News ID: 2056
Call for The 30th I.R. Iran`s World Book Award issued

Call for The 30th I.R. Iran`s World Book Award issued

The 30th I.R. Iran`s World Book Award scheduled for February 2023 called ‎for books.‎

The 30th I.R. Iran`s World Book Award Call for Books


We are pleased to announce the 30th I. R. Iran`s World Book Award will be held in February 2023. Books to be considered can be in any language, while need to be on either Islamic Studies or Iranian Studies. They also have to be published (in their first edition) outside of Iran in 2021.

      Each of the two main topics Islamic Studies and Iranian Studies- includes numerous parts and subdivisions, some of which are as follows:


a) Islamic Studies: History of Islam, Islamic Civilization, Quranic and Hadith Studies, Islamic Theology & Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, Translation of Classic Islamic Texts, Islamic Economics, Contemporary Islamic Studies, Islamic Arts & Architecture, History of Science, etc.


b) Iranian Studies: History of Iran, Iranian Languages, Iranian Geography, Ancient Iranian Religions Civilization & History, Persian Literature, Iranian Arts & Architecture, History of Science in Iran, Iranian Anthropology, Translation of Great Iranian works, etc.


       Accordingly, the Secretariat of the Award Committee invites all scholars, writers, translators, and publishers to nominate book(s) for consideration, not later than October 2022, 22.  



      To nominate your title(s), please e-mail a nomination letter to the I. R. Iran`s World Book Award Secretariat at bookaward@ketab.irand send a copy of submitted book(s) to the following address:



World Book Award Secretariat,

Floor 1, No. 2, Khajeh Nasir Alley, the s. Baradaran-e Mozaffar St, Enghelab Eslami Ave, Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +9821-91006363

Fax: +9821-66415498