Date: 2/8/2017 3:03:47 PM   News ID: 11
Najib Mayel Heravi

Najib Mayel Heravi

A Distinguished Researcher of Islamic Studies for the 22rd World Award for the Book of the Year of the I.R.I

Master Najib Mayel Heravi was born in Herat, Afghanistan 1950. He is one of the most prominent researchers conducting projects on critical edition of texts. In doing his researches, he has to date produced thirty books and several articles. Furthermore, he is a remarkable figure in Iranian studies, calligraphy, and paleography. Since 1974, he has been completing his project entitled "Bibliography of Sufi Writings in Persian Language". To accomplish this novel project out of which there have come three treatises, and numerous articles published in Iranian and international journals, he has dealt with less or unknown Iranian Sufis' personal status, biography, and works. Some of his masterpieces are as follows:

Khasiate Ayenegi: A Criticism of Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani's Biography with Selected Persian Writings

Edition of Jami's Maqamat

Edition of Ibn Arabi's Treatises