Studies in Persian Architecture By
 Bernard O’Kane
Publisher University of Edinburgh Pub Date 2021 Pub Location None Isbn 9781474474849 Course(s)


This illustrated book contains 26 articles by Bernard O’Kane on Iranian architecture and it is dedicated to the study of historical monuments, Iranian painting and the architectural heritage of Islamic Iran. This book is the result of the author's years of direct study and research in the field of architecture of Iran and the Islamic world. The first chapter of this book is about architecture in the age of symmetrical dynasties. The second chapter concerns the tiling motifs that were prepared in the court libraries and then transferred to the monument wall. The third chapter deals with Arthur Upham Pope, Iranian architecture and art historian. The titles of the other parts of this work are: Review of The Safavid Dynastic Shrine; Cuerda Seca Tiles and the Transfer of Tilework Technology; Chaghatai Architecture and the Tomb of Tughluq Temür; The Timurid Bazar and the Origin of the Domed Tim; Review of the Gunbad-i ‘Alawiyån, Hamadån; The Uzbek Architecture of Afghanistan; The Gunbad-i Jabaliyya at Kirman; Development of the Domed Octagon in Iran; Iran and Central Asia; The Minaret of Våbkent, Uzbekistan; Čahårtåq in Islamic Period; Domes of Iran; Tent and Persian Palace; Timurid Aesthetics; Ilkhanids Stucco in Natanz and Turbat-i Jåm; The Tiled Minbars of Iran; The Tomb of Muhammad Ghåzi; Timurid Stucco Decoration; The Friday Mosques of Asna˚ and Saråvar; Timurid Vaulting in Tåybåd and Turbat-i Jåm; The Imåmzåda Hossein Reza at Varamin; and The Madrasa al-Ghiyås-Èyya at Khargird. The last chapter of this book is also dedicated to the imaginary reconstruction of Taj al-Din ʻAlishah Mosque Complex at Tabriz.