Persian language and literature in Dagestan (Cultural and Historical Context) By
 Patimat Alibekova
Publisher Sadra and Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pub Date 2022 Pub Location RU Isbn 9785907552128 Course(s)


This book is dedicated to the evidences and works of Persian language and literature in Dagestan and deals with the cultural influence of Persian language in the context of historical, social, economic, artistic and aesthetic aspects of relations between Iran and Dagestan. To compile this book, the author uses a wide range of sources, including Persian and Arabic manuscripts, lithographs, Arabic and Persian reference books, unpublished documents of the Central State Archive of the Republic of Dagestan, as well as the works of Dagestani scientists, historians, archaeologists, folklorists, and literary researchers. She carefully reviews the related literature in the historical periods before and after Islam. This book includes an introduction and four chapters: The first chapter examines the background of the emergence of Russian literature in Dagestan from the perspective of history and culture and historical and cultural relations between Iran and Dagestan. In the second chapter, the traces of Persian language and literature in the folklore works of the people of Dagestan are given in detail and with different examples. The third chapter is a detailed and clear interpretation of the various sources available in Persian language in Dagestan. The topics of the fourth chapter are: Dagestani scientists familiar with Persian language, translations of ancient Persian books into Dagestan language, reflection of Persian poetry in Dagestan literary works, life and activities of Dagestani Muhajirs in Iran, and Iranology in today's Dagestan. At the end of the book, there are portraits of Persian-speaking Dagestani scientists and poets, which demonstrates the cultural inter-influence.