Die Eroberung von Damaskus: Quellenkritische Untersuchung zur Historiographie in klassisch-islamischer Zeit By
 Jens J. Scheiner
Publisher Brill Pub Date Pub Location None Isbn 9789004185616 Course(s)


The conquest of Damascus is one of the main events of the Islamic conquests in bilad al-Sham. Consequently, it appears with approximately 1000 narratives in the Islamic literature. This book shows the dependencies of these narratives. It therefore exemplifies the historiography from 700-1300 CE using one single event. Using the method of isnad-cum-matn-analysis the oldest forms of Islamic historiography are reconstructed. Among them are not only the version by Ibn Ishaq, but also the narratives in the futuh-work ascribed to al-Waqidi and in al-Azdi's Futuh al-Sham. Finally, the course of the events is described on the basis of the oldest reconstructed versions.