This German writer is professor of Roman and Classical Archeology at the University of Edinburgh, England. He is a graduate of archeology at the universities of Oxford, Tübingen and Freiburg, Germany. Teaching at the University of Leicester, membership in the Georgian Research Academy, research in the archeology of the Sassanid era of Iran, membership in the research council of the British Institute of Persian Studies and the British Epigraphy Society, membership in the London and Scotland Archeology Association and exploring the Iraj Castle in Iran are some of Sauer's works. Some of his books are: The Archaeology of Religious Hatred in the Roman and early medieval world; The End of Paganism in the North-Western Provinces of the Roman Empire; Archaeology and Ancient History: breaking down the boundaries; Coins, cult and cultural identity; Sasanian Persia between Rome and the Steppes of Eurasia; Dariali: The ‘Caspian Gates’ in the Caucasus from Antiquity to the Age of the Huns and the Middle Ages