Sami Al- Daghistani Book(s) Title
The Making of Islamic Economic Thought
BirthDate 1986 None

Sami Al-Daghistani (1986 - Slovenia) This Slovenian author achieved a PhD in Islamic Studies from Leiden University. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Islamic Studies at the Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society; a Research Scholar at the Middle East Institute at Columbia University; and an Associate Faculty Member at the Brooklyn Institute in New York. His teaching and research focus on Islamic intellectual history, economic and environmental thought, and on Islam and modernity. For some time, he studied Islamic Studies and Arabic in Sarajevo, Cairo, and Rabat, as well as at Leiden and McGill Universities. He is the author of Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī's Ethical Teachings: Economics of Happiness (2021), as well as the translator of Ibn Baṭṭūta’s Riḥla (2017) and Ibn Ṭufayl’s Ḥay ibn Yaqẓān (2016) into Slovenian. In 2021, Sami launched Critical Islamic Studies research group (CIS) at Norwegian School of Theology, which aims to examine the nature and boundaries of Islamic studies with historical and modern analysis based on Arabic and non-Arabic texts as well as theoretical literature. The outstanding feature of Al-Daghistani is that, due to his effort to understand the generalities of Islamic civilization and thought, he studies different Islamic knowledges such as jurisprudence and principles, philosophy, Sufism and theology according to their historical course. Therefore, he has a more comprehensive understanding of social sciences in the field of Islamic civilization of pre-modern and post-modern eras.