Mohammad Al-Sadegh Boualaq Book(s) Title
Hosseini's Epic in the Collective Memory
BirthDate 1967 None

Mohammad Al-Sadegh Boualaq (1967 - Tunis) This Tunisian writer holds a doctorate in engineering from The National Engineering School of Tunis. He is professor in industry, energy, fluids, air conditioning and heating, new and renewable energies and firefighting, and researcher in the fields of civilization, Islamic thought and philosophy. The establishment of the ‘Tanvir Study and Research Center’ and the ‘Al-Muwazadda Al-Thaqafiyyah Cultural Institute’ with the aim of revival of the heritage of the AhlulBayt (a.s.), supervising of the holding of educational courses on Islamic thought and spiritual formation, holding numerous conferences on the scientific and intellectual status of the school of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) and Sīrah are part of his activities. Some of Boualaq's works are: Science of the divine traditions: the Quranic miracle in the universe, creation and science; Lights to know the essence of speech and discourse and the hidden essence of speech and language; Islamic civilization from the fall of its edifice to the decline of its star; Sheikh Morteza Motahhari, pioneer of the renewal of Islamic thought; Equality of inheritance between women and men; Two, three and four, an exegetical study on the verse concerning polygamy in Islamic law; Luminous articles on the dignities of Muhammad; and The fast of Ashura: a prophetic Sunnah or a delusive heresy?.