Khwadaynamag: the Middle Persian Book of Kings By
 Jaakko Hameen-Anttila
Publisher Brill Pub Date 2018 Pub Location FI Isbn Subject


Khwadaynamag: The Middle Persian Book of Kings is the first attempt in any language to analyse in detail the lost sixth-century historiographical work of the Sasanians, drawing on a large number of Middle Persian, Greek, Arabic, and Classical Persian sources. Khwadaynamag is often conceived of as a large book of stories, comparable to Firdawsi's Shahname, but the book convincingly shows that it was a concise chronicle. The book also studies the lost Arabic translations of Khwadaynamag, which turn out to be fewer than hitherto thought, as well as the sources of Firdawsi's Shahname, showing that the latter was only remotely related to Khwadaynamag. It also becomes clear that there were no separate "priestly" and "royal" Khwadaynamags. The book contributes to our understanding of Sasanian historiography and the literary background of Firdawsi's epic, the Shahname.