Results of the First Avicenna Research Award (in honor of Dmitry Gottas)

Expressing our gratitude to all researchers who have submitted their works unfortunately, none of them met the jury’s requirements to win the award. However, we were so pleased to announce the following treaties worthy of appreciation: Title: The Position of Experience in Scientific methodology of Avicenna Title: Reading Avicenna’s Approach on the Necessity of Nature Laws with regard to contemporary Essentialism

The World Award for Book of the Year Winners honored in Berlin

As a side event at the International Conference of “the Thousand Year School of Shia”, some of the outstanding researchers in Iranian-Islamic studies who were the winners of the 24th World Award for Book of the Year including Josef Van Ess, Desmond Durkin Meisterernst, Gerhard Bowering, and Wolfram Kleiss were honored.

The 1st Avicenna Scholarship Award in honor of Dimitri Gutas, 2017

It is hereby announced that Prof Dimitri Gutas (a distinguished professor specialized in Medieval Arabic Philosophy and Logic (Avicenna), and the winner of the Islamic Republic of Iran World Award for Book of the Year in 2015) has donated his prize to the best MA and/or PhD theses/dissertations (among both academic and seminarian researchers) written in Persian on Avicenna’s philosophy and logic.