The Qur'ān and its World By
 Efim Anatolʹevich Rezvan
Publisher Institute of Oriental Studies Pub Date 2001 Pub Location None Isbn Course(s)


This book is the product of 15 years of scholarly research and study by Dr. Efim Rezvan. The author has intended to view the Qur`an as a historical religious phenol,enon since beginning of recorded history of culture and civilization as well as cultural anthropology. The initial chapter of the book cover issues relating to the appearance and establishment of Islam. Among the topics treated in this book are the determination of the role of Qur`an in Islamic societies, the history of the study of the Qur`an in the Islamic East and in Europe., and experimentation of new computer methods for the calculation and analysis of factors relating to the initial history of the Qur`an. The book includes over 100 pages of black & white and color photographs, and a condensed table , which contains a record of the various style of the reading of the Qur`an, has been enclosed with some editions. Upon publication of the book, "The Qur`an , and Its World", in the Russian language, it immediately attracted the attention of scholars of Islam in various countries, and at present, in some countries in Europe and the Middle East, It is being published in English, French, German, and Arabic. This book has received an honorary prize from United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. (UNESCO)