La céramique dans l'architecture en Iran au XVe siècle les arts qarâ quyûnlûs et âq quyûnlûs By
 Sandra Aube
Publisher PUPS, Presses de l'Université Paris-Sorbonne Pub Date 2017 Pub Location FR Isbn 0 Subject


The 15th century witnessed a major turning point in the development of ceramic tile in Iranian architecture. However, art historians have long neglected the artistic output of the two Turkmen dynasties that dominated a large part of the Iranian territory during this period, the Qarā Quyûnlûs and, later, the Âq Quyûnlûs, even though both produced thriving cultural centers, remarkable in their time. By studying decorative ceramic tiles from this period, Sandra Aube restores this missing Turkmen link to its essential place in the history of Iranian art. In this richly illustrated volume, she analyses nearly thirty architectural ensembles, some of them little-known and a few, such as the Blue Mosque of Tabriz, already legendary. Considered together, these architectural sites shed new light on the roles of patrons and of craftsmen and on the organization and functioning of workshops, as well on the various decorative techniques used in late medieval Iran.