Sandra Aube (Ph.D. in Islamic Art, Paris-Sorbonne University, 2010) is currently employed as researcher at the CNRS – UMR 7528 Mondes iranien et indien (Paris). She is member of the DYNTRAN project: “Dynamics of Transmission: Families, Authority and Knowledge in the Early Modern Middle East (15th-17th c.)” (ANR-DFG, 2015-2018). Her research focuses on the architectural decoration, as well as on the transmission of skills and artistic traditions in Medieval and Pre-Modern Iran and Central Asia. She coedited with Éric Vallet and Thierry Kouamé the volume Lumières de la Sagesse. Écoles médiévales d’Orient et d’Occident (Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne/IMA, 2013), and with Maria Szuppe: Channels of Transmission: Family and Professional Lineages in the Early Modern Middle East (Special Issue of the journal Eurasian Studies, 15/2, 2017).