Date: 2/8/2020 9:50:27 AM   News ID: 1047
Report On the 27th I.R. Iran World Award for Book of the Year

Report On the 27th I.R. Iran World Award for Book of the Year

This year, after the primary selection of more than 2300 books in different fields of Islamic and Iranian Studies, 154 books were assessed, from which 6 books entered the final stage of evaluation.

These evaluated books in the field of Islamic Studies include the following subfields: Acts and Life of the Prophet, Islamic Economics, Theology, Ethics, Translation of Qur’ān, Jurisprudence & Islamic Law, Qur’ānic Sciences, Qur’ānic Studies & Interpretation, Philosophy & Mysticism, Contemporary Islam, History of Islamic Civilization, Shi’ite Studies, Political Sciences in the World of Islam, Women’s Rights, the History of Science, Art & Islamic Architecture. The evaluated books in the field of Iranian Studies include the following subfields: Pre-Islamic Iran, Military Sciences, Ancient Iranian Civilization, Handicrafts, Art & Iranian Architecture, Literary Criticism, Persian Language & Literature, Persian Literature & Poetry, Iranian Sociology, Manuscripts Studies, Contemporary History of Iran, History and Thought of the Islamic Revolution Thinkers, and Islamic Sufism.

The evaluated books have been written in English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Turkish, Bengali, and Indian languages.

The winners are from Germany, Russia, Finland, and China.

1. Khwadaynamag the Middle Persian Book of Kings, Jaakko Hämeen-anttila, Brill, 2018.

2. The Elements of Avicenna's Physics: Greek Sources and Arabic Innovations, Andreas Lammer , De Gruyter, 2017.

3. Russia's Turn to Persia: Orientalism in Diplomacy and Intelligence, Denis V. Volkov, Cambridge University Press, 2018.

4. Studien zur Rationalitätsgeschichte im älteren Iran: Ein Beitrag zur Achsenzeitdiskussion, Götz König, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018.

5. Predication and Ontology Studies and Texts on Avicennian and Post-Avicennian Readings of Aristotle’s Categories,Alexander Kalbarczyk, De Gruyter, 2018.

6. History of Iranian Story Telling: from Avesta to 21th century , Mu Hong Yan , Zhejiang University, 2019.