Index Islamic us; a bibliography of books, articles and reviews on Islam and the Muslim world published in the year 1995 with addition from 1993 and 1994 By
 C. Heather Bleaney
Publisher Bowker Pub Date 1995 Pub Location None Isbn Course(s)


This index which relates to Islam studies and resech throughout the world was published more than 50 year age. It is the most exhaustive and comprehensive index in this field. It is very unique in terms of diversity and subject classification. This index is based on hundreds of periodicals, reports of government centers and private institues and other forms of publications. Bibliographic information in the beginning and exhaustive index at the end make access to subvect matter easily possible. This index provides information on articles dealing with Islam from 1950. From 1976 onward books in addition to articles, are also included.