Le Pavillon des Sept Princesses [Haft Paykar] By
 Michael Barry
Publisher Gallimard Pub Date 2000 Pub Location None Isbn 9782070759606 Course(s)


On the one hand, the translators famikiarity with cultural atmosphere of Nezami`s era, and in the otherhand, the translator`s knowledge of Greek philosophy and literature has enriched his translation . The contemporary French- speaking reader is faced with a work which pulls him or her to wondering in the wisdom of the human spirit in Nezami`s era, the reader is down to meandering through the literature of his own past. A Rhymical translation and, at times , ancient Latin words and phrase aid in returning to another era. From the very beginning of the book one can sense that the translator attempts to establish an understanding and connection between the Eastern and Westwrn cultures in past centuries.