Au-delà du Voile: Femmes musulmanes en Iran By
 Marie-Claude Lutrand
Publisher l'Harmattan Pub Date 2002 Pub Location None Isbn 9782747533966 Course(s)


Beyond Islamic Clouthing (Hejab) is one of the important book which they researches carefully on Islanic clothing and Islamic culture as well. The basis of this investigation is on the main Islamic tradictions just like Islamic face and principles, particularly in middle east Muslim countries, and writers of this book didn't follow Islamic tradition rights or mistakes, at all. They rather than every thing they have used their own personal experiments and in the writing their book, they used from the various views (sociologic, history, religious cult,…) there common work they open an important chapter which consisted in Muslim women religious beliefs. This book was published by Lamartan Co.Ltd. (The publication of this book belong to the middle east studies section of the publication co.)