Islamic Economics and Finance: An Epistemological Inquiry By
 Masudul Alam Choudhury
Publisher Emerald Pub Date 2011 Pub Location None Isbn 9780857247216 Course(s)


This book is the study of general-system formalism that embeds economics and finance with the diversely created world-system in which 'everything' learns by organic pairing. The deciphering of the vast nexus of unifying relationship in reference to conscious oneness is the morality, ethics and end goal of a good society. This book will bring out the fact that indeed such multidimensional general-system conception, construction, formalism and application and inference there from, are empirically viable, explainable. The book has empirical examples to bring out these facts in relation to the logical formalism that arises from the phenomenological model of conscious oneness in relationship to economics and finance.