Symbols of Power: Luxury Textiles from Islamic Lands, 7th–21st Century By
 Louise W. Mackie
Publisher Cleveland Museum of Art, Distributed by Yale University Press Pub Date 2015 Pub Location None Isbn 0 Course(s)


One of the outstanding and mostly-neglected resources on surveying the historico-cultural background of Islamic countries is to conduct research on the textiles extant since ancient times; textiles that are also the invaluable relic of these countries from which one can realize those peoples’ artistic talent, and from which one can find useful information on their sociology, culture, wellbeing, and civilization. Written by a leading Islamic textile scholar, this is the first book about luxury textiles from Islamic lands to consider hitorical, aesthetic, and technical issues in a comprehensive manner. It not only advances the field but also appeals to anyone interested in textiles, art history, material culture, and design.