The Middle Path of Moderation in Islam: The Qurʼānic Principle of Wasaṭiyyah By
 Mohammad Hashim Kamali
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This book advances the view that Islam is a religion of moderation and justice.  The book consists of twenty-two chapters and two parts. Part One features seven chapters, beginning with a conceptual analysis of wasaṭiyyah, followed by a review of the source evidence in the Qur’an and hadith, and then a round-up of modern opinion on wasaṭiyyah. Part Two on ‘Thematic Perspectives’ looks into the various applications of wasaṭiyyah in the context of religiosity, moderation and justice, environmental degradation, and financial crises. Other chapters that follow address subjects such as moderation in jihād, the moderating role of disagreement (ikhtilāf), how wasaṭiyyah can be manifested with regard to women’s rights, the moderating influence of Sufism, wasaṭiyyah and globalisation, moderation in personal character and lifestyle.