Mu Hong Yan Book(s) Title
History of Iranian Story Telling: from Avesta to 21th century

Mu Hong Yan was born in SiChuan Province of China in May, 1966. In Sept.1982, she was admitted to the Persian department of Peking University and graduated in June 1990. She read Persian language and literature at Peking University for eight years. Now she has been working in Persian literature and Iranian culture and civilization for nearly thirty years. She is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of Farsi at the school of Asian and African studies, Beijing foreign Studies University, and she is also director of the center for Iran-studies at the university. She is also a distinguished research fellow of the center for Asian and African literature at Peking University. Up to now, Mu hongyan has written four works on academic research(A study of Iranian new poetry,A study of Persian classical poetics,History of Iranian Story Telling: from Avesta to 21th century,Notes on Persian culture),has translated fourteen books from Persian to Chinese(Mathnavi of Rumi, A selection of Iranian new poems, A selection of Iranian modern stories, Savushoon, Prince Ihtejab, Symphony of the dead...and so on)and She has also written about 150 academic papers on Persian literature and Iranian culture, art, civilization and Islam.