Ahmad Monzavi Book(s) Title
A Comprehensive Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in Pakistan

Professor Ahmad Monzavi was bom 1304 H, 1925 A.D. (accord-ing to his birth certificate, 1302 or 1923), in Samereh, Iraq, among a clerical family. His great father was the late Allamah Sheikh Aqa Bozorg Tehrani, the author of the valuable books, Al-Zanat, Tassanif al-Shia and Tabaqat Etam al-Shia, and his mother was the daughter of Aqa Seyyed Ahmad Damavandi, who wereas among the clerics of that era. Hereceived his preliminary edu-cation in books and manuscripts der his great father, and after being transferred to Tehran, he completed his education under scholara in this field. On a journey to India and Pa-Kistan in 1986, The Centreer for Per-sian Studies requested that he reside in Pakistan in order to execute his design plan for "the common index to hand-written manuscripts." During the sixeen years he resided in Pakistan, Mr. Monzavis achievement, a product of his erudi-tion and rare love for the Persian/Islamic culture, aided by financial and technical assistance form the Centrer for Persian Studies, is 17 volumes of an "An iIndex of Hand-written Manuscripts." The masters scientific and re-search record, since the publication of his first work in editing Mosaffi al-Maqal – among the works of Sheikh Aqa Bozoeg- is thus far 54 volumes of studies on book manu-scripts and indices, which have been published under the authors name alone or jointly with co-authors