vahbat al – Zoheili Book(s) Title
Al – Tafsir al – Monir fi al Aghidat val Shariat val Manhaj

vahbat al – Zoheili , among the fa- mous scholars and Quran re – searchers of the Arab world, was bron in 1351 lunar year, af – ter Hegira, (1932 A.D.), in Deir Attieh, in the vicinity of near Damascus, Syria. He underwent primary School in his place of birth, and secondary school at the High School of Shariyeh College in Damascus, graduating in 1953. In 1956-57 he received his doctoral degree from the Shariat College at the University of al – Azhar, with first rank, along with a teaching permit. He also holds a law de-gree from the University of Ein-e Shams in Egypt. By presenting his doctoral dissertation on "The Ef-fects of war on Islamic Jurispru-dence ," Vahbat al-Zoheili suc-ceede in receiving a doctorate in Islamic law (al-Shariat al- Islamiah) from Cairo University, with first the higheat rank.