Satem Ologhzadeh Book(s) Title
Ferdowsi (Roman)

Professor Ologhzadeh, the Tajik man of letters, was born in 1911in the village of Varzik, in Namangan province in the Republic of Uzbekistan. He died on June 25,1997, at age 85.He had his preliminary education in at his place of birth. In 1929, he graduated from the Teachers' Training College in Tashkent. From 1944-46 he was the head of the Writers Union of Tajikistan and henceforth he worked at various literary divisions such as critique and research p;ay writing, translation and modern prose. In 1951 he became a member of Tajikistan's Cultural House of Knowledge. He has conducted research on such great men as Roodaki, Ferdowsi, Ibn- Sina (Avicenna) Nasser Khosrow… some of which are included in the collection of 1963. Ologhzadeh's first long story, Yararn, was published in 1947, and his first novel, No'e Abad, was published in 1949.