Zeng Yan Sher Book(s) Title
Chinese – Persian Dictionary

The writing and publication of the Chinese-Persian Dictionary has been made possible through the research cooperation of the universities of Tehran and Beijing. The contract for this cooperation was signed in June 1988 between the University of Beijing and Chang wu, which is the largest publishing and dictionary canter in China. The work of writing and compiling of the Chinese-Persian Dictionary was completed in 1993 with the cooperation of Chinese and Iranian professors. The writers of this dictionary are among the professors of the Persian Language and Literature Department of the College of Orientalism of the University of Beijing who were invited to cooperate by the Persian department. Each of the writers, separately, compiled one or a few words, and Professor Zeng Yan Sheng, the head of the Persian Language and Literature Department, and head of the board of dictionary writers, planned and supervised the admirable effort and initiative.