Ali Ahmad Ismael Book(s) Title
Mirṣād al-ʻibād min al-mabdaʼ ilá al-maʻād (Najm al-Dīn Rāzī)

Ali Ahmad Ismaiel Ali is an egypcian Iran investigator; he was the pupil of Abdul-Na`im Mohammad Hassanian (dead prominent professor). Now he is professor of Dept of translation in Al-Azhar university. We can point to one of his books, namely faithful way and Reality between mysticism and mystery (trans.from Persian). The book of philosophy of mysticism and invention to Allah, in the book of Merssad al-ebad men Al-mabda el-al-ma`ad is a good translation from Persian into Arabic. This book was his treatise for his mastership in university which was written in 1997, In this book he focus on writings and thought of sheikh Najmel-din Razi, meanwhile he translated Merssad al-ebad exactly.