Bashshār Awwād Maʻrūf Book(s) Title
Tārīkh al-Islām wa-Wafayāt al-Mashāhīr wal-Aʻlām

Abdelhamid I.sabra is emeritus professor of the history of Arabic science in Harvard's Department of the History of Science. His work in the history of science first focused on seventeenth-century Europe , with a book on theories of light form Descartes to Newton (1967,1981). He later (after 1955) turned his attention to Arabic/Islamic science, with studies, editions of primary texes, and translations. Professor Sabra, the distinguished Egyptian scholor, and professor Hogendijk co-edited the book' the Enterprise of Science in Islam'. Moreover, professor Sabra has edited the book "Kitab al-Manzir of al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham ', the mathematician and opticist of the twelfth century, has been edited by Dr.Abdelhamid I. Sabra Kuwait, the emeritus Egyptian professor of Harvard University, and published in Kuwait.