Islamic Money and Banking: Integrating Money in Capital Theory

DR. IRAJ TOUTOUNCHIAN is a Professor of Economics at Az-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran, where he was the Head, Department of Economics and Social Sciences. He is the author of three books and dozens of papers, all of which are on Islamic banking and finance. His last book, Comparative Money and Banking in Capitalistic and Islamic Systems, was named Economic Book of the Year in Iran. He is currently Chief of Academic Affairs, Bank of Industry and Mine, Tehran, Iran, responsible for implementing Islamic banking. Dr. Toutounchian was formerly the Deputy-Minister for Economics and International Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and he has also served as a member of the Money and Credit Council, Central Bank of Iran. Dr. Toutounchian earned his doctorate at Texas A&M University. Prof. Arthur S. DeVany, his Ph.D. dissertation adviser, described Dr. Toutounchian as a superior economic theorist. His dissertation clearly exhibits his ability to do original theory and to bring economic theory to bear upon such complex socio-economic phenomena. Dr. Toutounchian proves once again, in this book, his ability to produce fascinating and original work.