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Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry

Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Clas ...

Leonard Lewisohn

Die Eroberung von Damaskus: Quellenkritische Untersuchung zur Historiographie in klassisch-islamischer Zeit

Die Eroberung von Damaskus: Quellenkri ...

Jens J. Scheiner

Cari carej - Sasanidy: Iran III - VII vv. v legendach, istoričeskich chronikach i sovremennych issledovanijach

Cari carej - Sasanidy: Iran III - VII ...

Sergei B Daškov

Ice Houses of Iran: Where, How, Why

Ice Houses of Iran: Where, How, Why

Hemming Jorgensen



Translating Shahname into other languages is a valuable and appreciable accomplishment

During his meeting with the scientific secretary of the World Award for Book of the Year and a group of Persian Literature professors and students, Ma ...

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Prof Muhammad Legenhausen: A Distinguished Researcher of Islamic Studies for the 23rd World Award for the Book of the Year of the I.R.I

An American Philosopher and a Shi’ite Perpetual Figure in Iran

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Najib Mayel Heravi: A Distinguished Researcher of Islamico-Iranian Studies

He is one of the most prominent researchers conducting projects on critical edition of texts. In doing his researches, he has to date produced thirty ...

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