Date: 8/30/2017 1:49:50 PM   News ID: 1032
Call to support the translation of Iranian books issued

Call to support the translation of Iranian books issued

IBNA– Call to support the translation and publication of Iranian books into ‎foreign languages and presenting them on international markets was published ‎by the Culture Ministry.‎

According to IBNA correspondent, in line with realizing one of the key policies of Iran&rsquos Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and achieving the desired goals in the field of cultural diplomacy, the activities of the private sector in translating and publishing Iranian books into various languages with the aim of supplying on the global markets is backed by the Deputy of Cultural Affairs in the Culture Ministry.
The project to support the translation and publication of the Iranian books for supply in world markets with the aim of strengthening the publication industry in international print industry. It also aims to introduce and expand Iranian literature, art and culture in the world which will be launched through the provision of access for the non-Persian audience to Iranian literature in their own language.

Topics of Interest:
A. Contemporary fiction and non-fiction
B: Art
C: Islamic studies and Iranology
D: Children and young adults books
 Evaluation Criteria:
A. Quality of book
B: Translation quality
C: Quality of illustrations and graphics in illustrated books
D: Publisher's program for distribution and book introduction strategy
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