Annotation and Translation of Tānksūqnāmeh The Ilkhanate Treasure Book of Khatay’s Sciences and Technologies By
 Shi Guang
Publisher Peking University Press Pub Date 2016 Pub Location CN Isbn 0 Course(s)


Tānksūqnāmeh-e Īlkhān dar funūn-e ‘ulūm-e Khātay (The Ilkhanate Treasure Book of Khatay’s Sciences and Technologies) was translated from some well-known Chinese medical works into the Persian language in 713 A.H. by the order of Rashīd ud-Dīn Faẓl Allāh Hamedāni, the famous Vazīr of Ilkhanate Dynasty. Today the only manuscript of this book is kept in the Aya Sofia library, Istanbul, Turkey. In 1971, a book based on a photostat copy of Tanksūqnāmeh was published in Iran, which included a preface of Mojtaba Minavi. This Persian manuscript shows very close cultural exchanges between China and Iran during that period and could be some valuable materials for social studies of China’s Song & Yuan Dynasties. The first part of Annotation and Translation of Tānksūqnāmeh collects the information of this manuscript and mentions the Rashīd ud-Dīn’s efforts for the promotion of medical science in Iran. The original book of Tanksūqnāmeh actually included four volumes, but today Volume One (Sphygmology) is the only part we could have access to. In this part, researches of Tanksūqnāmeh which were done in the past several years in different countries of the world and the catalog of Volume One of Tanksūqnāmeh are introduced in detail. All of Chinese medical scientists and historical Chinese medical works that were quoted in Tanksūqnāmeh are also described in brief. The second part of this book is the Chinese translation of the whole text of Tanksūqnāmeh with particular annotation.